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First of all sorry for taking to much time to post again, I got distracted playing video games with elo boost services from ElitistGaming. Just a quick note that I’m gradually adding mp3 links to music tracks on the individual discography pages, in case the three “listen now” tracks in the upper right hand corner have you wanting to hear some more. So wherever you see the little¬†play button icon, go ahead and do your Pavlovian best. Click on it!

From the archives, I just unearthed this soundtracking project done for Adidas back in the late Stone Age (c. 2000):


Considering the audio was rendered in the corner of my bedroom on a wheezing, 233MHz Pentium II desktop, it’s seems to have held up pretty well… But did it sell shoes?

(If you have trouble with the video link above (or want to view it in slightly better quality), click here.)

After nearly ten years without a redesign, it seemed high time to bring Hi Fi Mundo into the 21st century.¬† From its humble beginnings as a quaint music webzine to its stint as a portal for various recording projects, it’s being reborn as a repository for my musical endeavors moving forward, taking advantage of that greatest intellectual achievement of the modern era: the blog.

Never fear, the old HFM material is still here under the “site library” heading. But the meat of the site will be dedicated to making my music easily available and keeping folks up to date. Specifically, you can listen to sample tracks right away via the player on the right, and check out details of some selected recordings via the banner of album covers on the left, or, for a more in-depth discography, simply follow the link at the top of the page. Color commentary on the actual act of making music (a potentially deadly enough topic that it’s been relegated offsite) can be found at Discordatura. And if you simply want to be kept abreast of goings-on as they occur, there’s a handy dandy RSS feed at the bottom of the page just waiting for you.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either leave a comment here or follow the Contact link up above to get in touch with me directly. Thanks for visiting!

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