The Sonny Sharrock tribute project

With Sonny – Derek Bailey

Sonny Sharrock was a musician whose visceral guitar technique never fails to inspire the emotions of the listener, and who pioneered a whole new age for free improvisation and its possibilities on the guitar.

A note passed along from Nettie Sharrock via Charles Blass has settled the question of who will be receiving the proceeds from this project once it hits the market: The American Heart Association. Since we’re still a little ways off from getting this CD on the market, please feel free in the meantime to go ahead and make an online memorial gift in Sonny’s name.

The track list (in no particular order) so far:

Derek Bailey – With Sonny
John Shiurba – Hit Single
Henry Kaiser – The Echoes
Thurston Moore – Space Ghost
Roberto Zorzi – Once Upon A Time
Chris Haskett – Seize The Rainbow
Bill Frisell – Flowers Laugh
Elliott Sharp – Blind Willie
Bob Musso – Many Mansions
Jef Lee Johnson – Toy Robot In Search of a Soul / The Man with the Power

Beyond the artists who have donated music to the project, there are many others who deserve thanks for contributions they’ve made in other ways. First and foremost, Henry Kaiser has been the most energetic devotee of this project, as the first person to contact us regarding the album and as a major aide to getting in touch with the others who have helped out in some way. We also owe a considerable debt to Charles Blass for getting in touch with Nettie for us and making sure that the project is true to what Sonny and his family would want.

Other kind and generous Sonny-lovers who need to be mentioned for one reason or another are:

Mark Cook
Duck Baker
Louisa Spier
Christy Doran
Raoul Björkenheim
Lee Townsend

Keep coming back here for updates as we assemble some of the world’s greatest improvisers in tribute to this truly unique and unsung artist. If you would like to become involved, please drop us an email.

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